Asian-style Octopus

Serves: 04  Prep Time: 30min.  Difficulty: Medium


  • 1 mango
  • 15g coriander
  • 15g chives
  • One lime, juiced
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 octopus
  • 200g pear tomatoes
  • 500g small new potatoes
  • 1 chilli pepper
  • Vitacress passion fruit seasoning
  • Ground pepper


  1. Drizzle a little olive oil into a frying pan, heat it and add the octopus tentacles and the unpeeled small new potatoes cut into halves.
  2. Meanwhile, chop the mango into small cubes, cut up the coriander and chives and juice the lime. Mix them together in a bowl.
  3. Add the pear tomatoes cut into halves, the chopped chilli pepper and a few drops of passion fruit seasoning into the bowl with the mango mixture.
  4. Once the octopus and potatoes are ready, mix everything together on a platter and is then ready to serve.