Our Products

Fresh to your table


Several mixtures of baby leaves, with differentiating and innovative ingredients, washed and ready-to-eat

Leaves for Soup

The perfect leaves combination, to add to your usual soup base. Washed and ready to place in the pot or on the dish.


Your favourite leaves, to create your own mixture or use each individually.


Selected and high quality vegetables, a complement to your salad or meal.

Aromatic Herbs

Not only a source of nutrition, aromatic herbs allow you to create very tasty meals, and as such can be used as an alternative to salt.

Vitacress Minute

Based on a balanced diet, we developed nutritious and tasty meals, ready to eat and to take with you.


For a healthy break anywhere: in the office, in the car, at school, at the gym or on the beach.


A classic and an essential element of our daily eating.


Our seasonings are an option for you to enjoy more fun and colourful salads, always tasty.


Over 16 years ago we started our organic farming and continue to improve our sustainable techniques every day.
Includes a vast portfolio and a wide palette of flavours, always adapted to the profile of our professional customers.