our production

The best from the land, in a unique climate.

The production of baby leaves begins in our farms, 365 days a year: we combine the seeds, the environment and our knowledge to get the best harvests in the most sustainable way.

In Portugal, we are located between the Southwest Alentejo and the Algarve, lands tempered by the sea breeze and bathed in the heat of the sun, a unique place in full harmony with nature. We have 280 hectares available for production, 90% of them outdoors.

The Farms

Odemira houses Vitacress headquarters and two of our farms: Quinta da Boavista, where we produce mainly organics and aromatic herbs, and Quinta da Azenha, where the remaining baby leaves are grown. Almancil was the birthplace of Vitacress and it is where we still farm our watercress.

Baby leaves

The essence of Vitacress is in the production of baby leaves: these are young leaves and therefore more tender, nutritious and tasty. Because they are harvested whole they have fewer oxidation points, maintaining all their properties and flavour for longer.

Organic farming: it defines our company culture

We started our organic farming sixteen years ago and continue to improve our technique every day: in 2018, this type of crop represented 11% of the total harvest. However, we have an ongoing soil conversion program which will allow us to triple our organic land area within the next 3 to 4 years.

We also dedicate 10% of our land to foster the increase of biodiversity by planting flowers that produce both food and shelter for various animal species, namely insects that are instrumental in the control of undesirable pests.