What is the IV Range?

The IV range encompasses the products that are washed, sanitized, packaged and ready to be consumed.

What are Baby Leaves?

They are young whole leaves, fresher due to the fact that they have had only one cut, and as such, they only have a single oxidation point.

They are more tender, fresher and naturally more nutritious because they catch more sunshine and, because they remain whole, they maintain all their freshness and nutrients.

For a better appreciation of their qualities, you should consume the entire product once the package is opened.

Why are Baby Leaves different?

The fact that the leaf is whole has three unique advantages:

  1. Whole leaves are nutritionally richer than cut salads because they are entirely exposed to the sun, and as such, they produce more vitamins and minerals than iceberg lettuces.
  2. They are younger than the other leaves because they have a shorter growth cycle due to the specifications and characteristics of the leaves.
  3. The leaves are fresher because they only have a single cut made at the time of harvest, and only having one oxidation point, they maintain their freshness for longer.

Can I eat the salads right from the package?

Yes. Vitacress salads are washed and sanitized according to the most demanding levels in the market, and as such they can be consumed directly from the package.

Do these salads have preservatives or additives?

No preservatives or additives are added to Vitacress salads.

Vitacress salads are not sealed in packages that have a modified atmosphere. This allows them to be stored in the refrigerator after opening without losing their organoleptic qualities or freshness. They can be used right up until the end of their shelf life, which is printed on the package itself.