About Us

Flavors from the source.

Freshness, flavor and health, these are values that inspire us.

We are specialized in the production of baby leaves as well as watercress, salads and herbs. We are one of Europe’s leading companies in the delivery of fresh, washed and ready-to-eat vegetables. Our history dates back to 1951 in Hampshire, and it was in 2008 that we became an integral part of the RAR Group, a wholly-owned Portuguese company.

Our farms are located in Portugal, United Kingdom and Spain, where we produce all baby leaves and have a vast network of suppliers that allow us to meet market needs at any time and season with equally fresh, tasty and healthy products.

In Portugal, we are a market-leading company with our Vitacress brand, being present in nearly every point of sale. We have a wide range of customers in the UK, mostly under supermarkets brands and Steve’s Leaves brand. We also operate in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, with products that we export.

One Team, one Goal

We know our role in the organisation.

We know how to listen, support and challenge constructively and we always celebrate our successes.

We are Pioneers

All activities developed by us bear the stamp of innovation.

We are Responsible

Our decisions are based on sustainable growth and we are determined to improve on what we have inherited.

We are Trustworthy

We take ownership of our actions, we keep our promises.

our history

The first chapters of our history were written 68 years ago

It all started with a humble watercress field, when we took the first steps and became an international company that currently employs 1,500 people and manages about 720 hectares of cultivated fields and greenhouses. Some of the most important moments of our history were: